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Wedding sharing photo service

Share the best moments of your marriage in real time! Giacomo D'Amicis Storyteller photographer in Tuscany

Wedding sharing photo service photographer 

The wedding sharing photo service offers real-time sharing of wedding photo storytelling while you are getting married.

Fun and trendy proposal, because even relatives and friends who will not be present at your wedding; will share the sensations of your wedding with you through wedding photo storytelling!

However, you will be given the high-resolution photographs edited, ready to be printed.

If you like this idea, apply the questionnaire, answer simple questions and you will receive your photo sharing service quote, as soon as possible!

You can plan your wedding program in all the details with my suggestions, for any questions contact me!

Giacomo D’Amicis Storyteller Wedding Photographer in Tuscany.

Wedding photos sharing service

⇰ Creative photo storytelling of marriage, or engagement; of the most important events, such as the exchange of wedding rings, the launch of the bouquet, the  getting ready, portraits of the groom, the bride and all the guests. You can also send me a detailed request on what it is important for you to share on social networks.

⇰ The images processed and shared on social networks chosen by you, by a team of experts; while you are getting married.

⇰ The pictures for your wedding album, in high resolution, delivered via web through a photo gallery by download.



Your wedding emotions with social networks

Wedding photos sharing service, the photos taken during your marriage, will be shared in real time, on on the social media that you prefer; with all the guests of your marriage.

By sharing the photos wedding storytelling  on the main social networks, so friends and distant relatives can live with you on your matrimony.

You can choose to share the storytelling photos of your wedding, directly on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram wall; or create a dedicated page for your wedding.

You can suggest the best social channel to publish photos of wedding posts and customize the photo sharing service as you prefer!


During the marriage there will be a special team that will work on social networks, and on image processing, so the photographer will only have to capture the images for your weding photo storytelling.

Get in touch with me, so you can choose the most suitable way to share your wedding photos.

You can choose what kind of social media to share the photo wedding storytelling and the number of posts, that will be create.

Even the text, which complement the images of the wedding that will be shared.


Delivery in three working days

Web delivery of high resolution processed images ready to be printed in three working days.

The transfer will take place with a web photo gallery, protected by a personal password with download!

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