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Answer simple questions for your marriage or engagement quote – Giacomo D’Amicis Storyteller photographer in Tuscany

Wedding photoshoot request

Wedding quote request for photo shoot, if you answer simple questions, you will give me more information about your needs for your marriage day or engagement.

Apply on the form below, in this way you will provide me with your preferences on your wedding photo shoot, so I can more precisely suggest the best choices for your marriage photo service.


I’ll provide you with a price for the photos memories of your marriage.

Select the fields of the price request form and write a short message if there is something very important that I should know!

The request is totally free, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

For any kind of information for wedding quotes, contact me!


Wedding quotation request form

Wedding photography skills

Fast digtal photo download by photo gallery.

Balck & White film photography.

Digital delivery in three working days.

I speak English and Spanish fluently.

Film and digital photographic shooting.

For more information about my wedding photography style, please take some time to browse my wedding photo portfolio.

For doubts and questions, consult the page of the most frequently asked questions.

If you prefer, ask for a quote, the reservation is for information only; you will receive detailed information about your wedding photo shoot within 24 hours.

Why request a wedding quote

Why request a marriage quotation? Through the photographic quote, I can understand what your needs are for photos of your wedding or engagement.
Thus, I can suggest the best choices for the photos you need, also formulate different photographic proposals; and also save money by obtaining a better photographic result.
When to request a wedding quote?

I advise you to request a quote photo as soon as possible, so I will have time to evaluate your requests and formulate alternative photographic offers.
However, to give an idea a month before, it is sufficient and in any case, if I am available, I am also willing to accelerate everything.
The data that will be provided are used exclusively to formulate your photographic quote, and will not be used for any other purpose.

Wedding photo reportage


Best photo shooting


 Wedding photo storytelling

In which places I carry out the photo services

I perform creative wedding storytelling photos mainly in Tuscany, in the main inland cities such as Florence, Lucca, Siena and Pisa and in the countryside areas near the cities; the Chianti area, the Garfagnana, the Maremma and the upper and lower Valdarno.
Then I make many photos of marriage and engagement services in the Etruscan Coast.

In central Italy I love to photograph in Umbria in the city of Perugia and on Lake Trasimeno.


In the end I also make photo shoots in the Marche, mainly in the Riviera Del Comero and in the small villages of the Marche countryside.

However on request I’m available to photograph worldwide, because I love to travel!

This is to give you a more precise idea about where I do my photo shoots. As you can see if you like my photographic approach, you can request your wedding quote when you prefer!