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Wedding photography style

Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller and analog & digital photographer in Tuscany

Wedding style photography

My style of wedding photography is a combination of photo storytelling, portrait and candid photos.
The secret of my my wedding style photography is to relate to people in an empathic style, so I always manage to get the best out of people with my portrayed photos.

The main subject of my photography are people, I love perform storytelling through images.

I’m black & white photography lover and shooting photo in digital and analog camera suport.


With analog photography I shoot exclusively in black and white, I make the entire cycle photo: I capture the images by creating a marriage storytelling photo, I develop the negative with the chemical relationship and I print the silver salt images on baryta paper.

In digital photography: I use speed and the ability to share images, with the spouses and wedding guests and on social networks.

The delivery of the images takes place in you working days! Through a photo gallery with digital download.

Digital Wedding photography style

Black & White wedding photography style

Photo storytelling in ambient light 

My wedding style photo is created with ambient light, my photo storytelling is created exclusively using this type of light. It’s a style that tells the day of your wedding or engagement in a real way through photographs.

I don’t like photographic poses when capturing photos, my style photo is based on spontaneity and I take photos in a natural way.

I create creative storytelling photos in spontaneous style, for marriage, engagement and events; mainly in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche.


I’m a photographer passionate about portrait photo, it is the type of picture that I love most!

I capture analog photos in black and white style and with digital photography, during a marriage I take photos in both media.

I speak the English and Spanish languages correctly and I live in Tuscany; in the city of Livorno, located in the center of the Tuscan coast.

From this position I can easily reach the main wedding locations. I’m passionate about travel and on request available worldwide.

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I love ambient light and never use artificial lights for wedding photos. I preserve the reality of the moment, I captured through my camera the most important moments of your matrimony or engagement in Tuscany. For any question contact me! 


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