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Wedding photo service

Storyteller wedding photographer. Destinations Italian Wedding photographer in Tuscany

Wedding photo service in Tuscany

Wedding photo service: I’m wedding storyteller photographer for wedding destinations photography mainly in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. My style photography is very natural and spontaneous. I’m a photographer, who works with both analog black & white film and digital photography.

I love to travel, and I love meeting new people and different cultures, for these reasons I’m always available worldwide!

If you are interested in my wedding destination photography work contact me. Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller wedding destinations photographer in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche.

Share wedding emotions in social networks

Wedding portraits photo service

Share wedding emotions on social media

About my wedding photo service: digital photography offers speed, quality and fast delivery and much more. But above all the opportunity “to share” our feelings.

Share your feelings and sensations through images of your wedding day, in real time with relatives and friends. Wherever they are!


All photo digital storytelling services are accessible via smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.

Digital wedding photo shoot: share your wedding emotions with whoever you want all over the world!

If you want to know more, about my wedding photo style, watch my: photo porfolio!

Black & White wedding photo service

Digital wedding photo service in Tuscany

Black & white photo service

In the film there is, emotion, honesty! The sense of things made by hand, therefore unique!

High quality images and prints. No compromise in my wedding photo service!

Photos, destined to acquire value over time. Analog work really offers quality marriage memory!

It’s a prestigious gift made with science, technique, handicraft and good taste.

They are unique pieces, which when wrapped become art.

Wedding photo service: always remember; that the number of photos does not determine their value!

Deliveries only on private agreements, negatives, contact sheets and printing with silver salts on baryta paper.

Wedding destinations photographer in Tuscany

“We entrusted Giacomo with the realization of the photos of our marriage and we could not have made a better choice.

Since the first telephone contact, an exceptional person has proved humanly and professionally.

Exquisite in the ways, he accompanied us throughout the day and managed to put us at ease as if we had always known him.

Thanks to these components we have obtained a photographic result of the highest quality.

In one word: FANTASTIC.”

Sigi Beare

Professional wedding photo Service

I contacted Giacomo for the photo service of my wedding, being an enthusiast of photography I made an unusual request: that the post ceremony service was performed in an analogical way.

After seeing the specimens, I gave the photographer a free hand for printing photos, obviously with an “antique” printing method.

I withdrew the work and I was thrilled with the result: splendid, unique photos, with the perfection given by the imperfection of analogue photography.

The ceremony was taken digitally, the photos cleaned and processed I received them via app and download after 3 days. Fair prices that can be agreed upon according to your requests.

I highly recommend this Professional to anyone who is passionate or not.

Digital is definitely in everyone’s hands, but analogue photography is no more than many.

Silvia Fancello

The best choice for my Marriage

“I believe it is not easy in a simple photograph to enclose a world, a set of unique and special emotions that over time turn into precious and indelible memories.

Here, Giacomo is a magician in this, a magical mixture of technique, taste and sensitivity belongs to him.

I chose him to stop some moments of my life in time and the result has always been nothing short of exciting. THANKS !.

Annamaria Mureddu

Style photography

Editing & retouching photo

Wedding photo delivery
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