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Villa il Poggione wedding photo reportage

Villa il Poggione wedding photo reportage

Wedding Photo Reportage – Villa il Poggione

Villa Il Poggione wedding photo reportage in Fauglia

Villa il Poggione wedding portrait

Al Poggione today, a couple gets married in this villa in the Tuscan countryside.

With a few hours of wedding photo reportage, during the wedding ceremony and we are already at the cutting of the cake.

The spouses are happy and toast and greet friends, relatives; all perfect!

This is the ideal atmosphere in which I like to tell wedding stories, since in all professions, even in my wedding photographer in Tuscany, the days are not all the same.

Villa il Poggione is a particular place, because it is structured on two levels, the ground floor is magnificent but there are few windows.


About wedding photo portrait

But, the first floor is great, because there is a large terrace and taking photos is very enjoyable.

I love creating stories on the first floor of Villa il Poggione, for several reasons, one is that it’s just a few minutes’ walk from my house!
Moreover, living on the Livorno coast, it is not often to visit Fauglia.


Fauglia is a small town in the Pisan countryside and close to my favorite winery, La Tana a place where all wine lovers should go at least once.
So, today I spent a wonderful day of wedding photo reportage and Tuscan wine.

Tuscany wedding storyteller photographer

I love to tell wedding stories, because I can photograph wonderful people in wonderful places.

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