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Photoshoot at sunset in Mascagni Terrace

The Mascagni terrace with its 8700 square meters of black and white checkered square

 Sunset photoshoot at Mascagni Terrace

Sunset photoshoot at Mascagni Terrace, there is no more beautiful place than the majestic Masscagni Terrace in Livorno.

The Mascagni terrace with its 8700 square meters of black and white checkered square, is one of the most beautiful and evocative places in the whole city of Livorno.

An easily accessible location suitable for many different kind of shooting, like wedding, engagement, portrait and much more!

The place is very convenient; it’s possible to park easily, in the car park of the Livorno Aquarium, or by public transport.

The sea view from Mascagni Terrace

The best time to take photographs is during sunset, there is the possibility of accessing the sea, via a staircase that is located in the center of the structure.

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