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Tuscany reportage wedding photographer

Marriage reportge

Great professionalism combined with sympathy make him a Tuscany reportage photographer who manages to naturally capture the fleetingness of a moment … the beauty of a glance … the magic of sunset …

– Valentina Porcello

Tuscany storyteller photographer

Giacomo made my marrige shoot with a reportage of spontaneous images, he is not a photographer but a storyteller. Thank you

– Annamaria Mureddu

Highest quality reportage

Exquisite in manners and an expert photographer, he accompanied us throughout the day and managed to put us at ease. As if we have known him forever. Thanks to these components we have obtained a photographic result of the highest quality.

– Gabriele Ligia

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Marriage photographer

Wedding photographer and excellent delivery of photographs via the web, also the ability to see images on smartphones and tablets. Basically we can see the photos of our wedding, everywhere.

– Lucia artico

Reportage Tuscany wedding photography

Reportage wedding photographer based in Livorno on the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany.
To create visual memories of the marriage, I use natural images that document reality, in color and black and white.

There is a big difference between taking a photo and creating a matrimony photo story.

This is why I love to call myself a wedding storyteller, because in this way I give value to the images, and my photographic reportage takes on a profound meaning.

Art, professionalism, experience and timing create visual marriage stories, in color and black & white.

For this reason, when I take pictures I am discreet and empathetic, I use my creative style and photographic technique to create unique Tuscany wedding memories.

The fundamental point is to take the pictures so that there is no need to explain it with words.

If you appreciate my photographic style and would like more information, you can write me a message, or consult the frequently asked questions page.

You will receive a response within 24 hours of submitting your request.

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