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Quote request for photoshoot

Quote request for photoshoot, by answering simple questions, you will give me more information about your needs for your photoshoot.

In this way it will be possible for me to formulate a detailed quote for your  shooting.



Quotation request for photoshoot, is totally free, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

Normally, I answer very quickly, if you are in a hurry contact me by phone at 00393403610668 I also accept bookings in the day.

Questions about quotation fot photoshoots

How does the photo gallery work to download photos?

The photo gallery is a tool for the delivery of your images, it’s password protected and on request, it’s possible to activate online printing service, with delivery of the images whit postal service.

How much is the photoshoot?

The price of the photoshoot is not fixed, it varies according to your needs, it is processed after filling in the specific request form.

What happens in case of rain or bad weather conditions?

In the event that the weather on the day of your photoshoot is not favorable, you will be immediately contacted by me in pesona, a new date will be proposed to you. If you decide not to do the service anymore, 50% of the cost will be refunded.

On which media, analog or digital?

For your memories you can choose, whether to perform the photoshoot on analog film (Black & White), or digitally. Or if you want both ways. Clearly the delivery methods will take place in a different way, because they are different media.

Can the photo shoot be refunded?

It is possible to obtain a full refund within 24 hours of the bank transfer, in case of cancellation by your bankruptcy after 24 hours you will be refunded 50%. If you do not show up at the location of the photoshoot, there will be no refund.

Can I give the photo shoot to other people?

You can give the photoshoot to whoever you want, as long as the interested people are put in contact with me, to establish the times and the normal course of the photographic work.