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Giacomo D’Amicis: Portrait photographer for Tuscany wedding destinations. The portrait is an important photo, it is an image that must never be missing in a wedding reportage.

They are images that tell much more than any photo,
because they remember the feelings, sensations and events of that very specific day.

As a reportage wedding photographer, I personally love to shoot people with natural light, so as to preserve the feeling of that moment!

Passionate about portraiture, I make portraits both with digital photography and with photographic film.

Black & White photography

I love black & white portraiture, monochrome photography is my passion, as I am an avid photographic film photographer.

My opinion is that images created on film are different from those created digitally.
This is because technology changes; and the approach to capturing images is also different.

To take analog photography you need to have a good ability to control the camera, and above all an excellent control of the light.

give the correct interpretation of the gray scale and better manage the shot.

Film photography is not for everyone!

To make a good monochrome film image, specific photographic skills are required; to get good results you need to be expert photographers and not improvised.

All these motifs make movie photos unique works of art.


Tuscany outdoor photographer

I exclusively make outdoor photo shoots, mainly in the regions of Tuscany, and my favorite destination is the Etruscan Coast.

If possible, I always carefully inspect the places where I will have to portray my subjects, I don’t work in the studio and all my shoots are reportage style.

As you may have understood, the portrait is essential for my reportage photography, for this reason I consider myself a reportage-style portrait photographer.

The most frequent services that I photograph are weddings, anniversaries, receptions and events in Tuscany.
If you would like more information about my portrait photography style, you could visit my portrait portfolio.
For the most frequently asked questions visit the FAQ page, or contact me directly. If you wish, I will be happy to offer you solutions regarding your photographic needs. The request for a quote is free and for the purpose of clarifying and providing concrete prices and evaluations.
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Portrait photographer
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