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Portrait and storytelling photographer

Behind every photo portrait there is always a story! Giacomo D'Amicis photographer

Wedding portrait storytelling

The portrait is an main photo for wedding storytelling, in a photo shoot this type of picture tells us, much more than any other type of shot, I’m a professional photographer passionate about portraiture.

Describes feelings, documents our physical and mental appearance.

The sensations we feel at a given moment, this reminder of memory helps us, to relive those moments of our life. 

I love taking pictures of people with natural light. I like to preserve the sensations of the moments!
In my wedding storytelling, I capture feelings with photography; people, events and facts!

If you are interested in my photography style, contact me. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller wedding phtographer.

Wedding photo portrait with natural light

Ambient light, if interpreted in the right way, gives a personality to the pictures, tto the subject being portrayed.

It is very important for a wedding photographer to have good natural light skills.

Because the wedding portrait storytelling takes place mostly outdoors!

Pregnancy photography

Tell the story of your pregnancy through visual storytelling; with artistic portraits.


Tell your family with a photo storytelling. A photo shoot that presents all the components of your family.

The wedding  pohto

In the wedding photo, there are all those feelings that the groom and groom have before going to get married.

There are some greasy feelings, which are felt only on the wedding day.

That’s why wedding portrait photography is especially important to me.

Without portraits, your wedding photo story is not a true story,

 it would be an incomplete wedding storytelling!

In the photos of the wedding portrait, there are the smiles of the witnesses and all the guests of the matrimony; there are all the unique sensations that remind you of your wedding day.

For these reasons, portrait photography is particularly important in a marriage!

Wedding portrait

Beautiful locations for your wedding photo shoot. Giacomo D’Amicis photograph the art of portraying.

The black & white photo

The black & white portrait photo is my passion. I’m a very passionate photographer of black & white photographic film.

A photo created with analog film is different from a portrait in digital photography.
This is because the media changes; and also the approach of the capture of the picture is different.

To photograph in anaolgic, you must have a good ability to know how to use the camera and excellent light control; give the correct interpretation of the gray scale and better manage shooting.


It’s necessary to know the color rendering, since the colors as we perceive it will be transformed into black and white.

The analogue photographic photo is not for everyone!

To create a good photo in black & white film, specific photographic skills are required; for good results, you need to be an expert and not improvised photographer.

All these reasons make film photos unique works of art.

Portrait photo shoot

This is a photo shoot suitable for an engagement, a wedding or for those who want an old school black & white photo!

Where portray people

I create photographic services outside, mainly in the regions of Central Italy, that is in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche.

I often photograph in cities of art, in Tuscany I often work in Florence, Pisa and Siena. In Umbria I love to photograph on Lake Trasimeno and Perugia. While in the Marche I work a lot in the countryside and in the Conero Riviera.


I always select carefully the places where I have to portray my subjects and I always propose different locations.
Wrapped, I create photo shoots in multiple locations, to make the photographs more varied.

I always try to suggest to my customers the most suitable solution for their photographic needs.

Wedding Portrait storytelling

Photo shoots in the most beautiful cities of Tuscany

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