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Pisa wedding photographer for more than twenty years, I offer my experience in visual storytelling and photo reportage for weddings in Tuscany!
Born and living in the city of Livorno, I create photographic services for events, such as weddings, engagements, ceremonies and anniversaries throughout Tuscany.

My service is mainly based on visual storytelling, stories and images, for this reason I really appreciate calling myself a wedding storytelling photographer.
In addition, I am strongly attracted to portrait photography, the monochrome style and the old photographic film.
These are the main features of my narrative wedding photo style!

About photo service

Synthesizing my service includes photo reportage, image editing and finally the delivery, of all the visual contents of the wedding.
Normally, the delivery of all the wedding visual material takes place within a month, from the date of the event.

The transfer takes place through a photo gallery, with download service and password upon request.
The images will always be usable on any device, and in addition your wedding memories will be safe in my digital archive.

Then, being a citizen of Livorno and living a short distance from Pisa, I know the Pisan area very well.
For this reason, knowledge and experience of the area make the difference, as a Pisa wedding photographer.

Experience from the fact that I have collaborated with several wedding photography studios, creating photo shoots in the main wedding locations in Pisa and its surroundings. As in the area of the Pisan hills and on the beaches of Marina di Pisa.

How to reserve a service

If you like my photographic philosophy and want to have visual memories, that have something more than just souvenir photos.
I honestly suggest you book a in advance, because only then you will be able to evaluate and understand well what you really need.

As for the most common information on photographic wedding storytelling, you can consult the page (faq) relating to the most frequently asked questions.

For reservations and more specific questions, I would prefer to be contacted via message.
I will be happy to make my experience available to you for the memory of your special day in Pisa.

Giacomo D’Amicis Pisa wedding photographer: wedding photo stories, art, photography and experience at your disposal for a special day in Tuscany!

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