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Livorno wedding photographer: Giacomo D’Amicis available for marriage destinations Livorno in Tuscany on the Etruscan Coast.
I create photo services for engagement, wedding and family in Livorno, the Tuscan city offers a wonderful sunset over the sea.

I am a wedding photographer, for a photo shoot on the coast of Calafuria and Il Romito, which are large cliffs on the sea, their surface is smooth so you can walk easily.

Boccale Castle located close to these cliffs and offers a beautiful landscape especially during sunset. It is a perfect place for an engagement or wedding photoshoot in Livorno.

Mascagni Terrace storyteller photographer

It is wonderful to create wedding stories during the sunset at the Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno. This terrace with a beautiful sea view, is one of the most attractive places for marriage photographers in Livorno, plus it is in the city center and enjoys easy access.

Then south on the coast, there are beautiful places like Calfuria, Calignaia and Il Romito; which are cliffs overlooking the sea.

With spectacular views of the coast, they offer many possibilities for making wedding images, even here the light is perfect at sunset.
Places like Caste Boccale, give the married couple wedding photos, memories with unforgettable backgrounds; these too are routines for a Livorno marriage photographer.

I have been working as a wedding photographer for some time, in the past I have had several assignments abroad. For this I speak fluent English and Spanish.

So, I specialize in international clients, that is, people with a different culture than mine.

Today, I am a marry photographer from Leghorn and I live in the city, I am an expert on the Etruscan Coast and its countryside.

Because I was born here, my service is a combination of photo reportage and visual story.

For more information, or questions you could contact me, or request now a valutation, about your wedding memoris.

I will be happy to help you in the best choice for your photos most important memories.

Livorno destinations marriage photographer

I am a photographer for a wedding destination in Livorno, I make photos of matrimony photo service in digital and black and white film.

In digital I carry out the delivery of the photos in three working days and I share the images during the photo shoot.

With the photo film I make photographic prints by handmade.

My style of wedding photos is natural, it reminds me of the sensations you feel during the special day, I never make too much static poses, because I want to capture the real sensations of the moment.
I am available in Leghorn but also on request to move around Tuscany.

Giacomo D’Amicis: Tuscany destination wedding photographer.

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