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Lari wedding photographer

Wedding photographer Lari. Destinations wedding storyteller photographer in Tuscany

Wedding photographer Lari in Tuscany

Giacomo D’Amicis: Lari wedding photographer for civil and religious ceremonies at Vicari Castle, wedding photo services in Tuscany.

The village of Lari is located at the top of Pisan hills, in the village center, stands the massive structure of the Vicari Castle, a completely restored building is now home to wedding ceremonies.

Vicari Castle is a perfect structure for your wedding in Tuscany, from its walls the view sweeps over all the Tuscan hills, it is the perfect place for a wedding photo shoot.

Photo wedding services in Lari on Pisan hills.

If you are planning to get married in Lari, contact me, I will be happy to suggest the best way to make a wedding photo shoot in Lari.

Wedding storytelling photo by Giacomo D’Amicis Lari wedding photographer in Tuscany.

Vicari Castel wedding photo service

Giacomo D’Amicis wedding photo service at Vicari Castele. You wedding day through photo storytelling in Pisan hills.

Vicari Castele destination wedding photographer Lari

Destination wedding photographer at Vicari Castello, wedding storyteller in Lari, your marriage on Pisan hills in Tuscany.

If you want to get married in Lari, Vicari Castello is one of the most beautiful wedding destinations you can choose in Tuscany.
The structure is completely renovated, located on top of a hill and surrounded by an ancient medieval village, from the walls the castle there is a wonderful view of Valdarno countryside, particularly beautiful during sunset time!

To celebrate your marriage you can choose between the Pietro Leopoldo salon in Tuscany, or the beautiful courtyard decorated with 90 coats of arms of Florentine vicars.
I make storyteller photographer in Lari for married couples who wish to get married at Vicari Castel.
My storytelling style photo is natural and realistic, I don’t pose when capturing photos.
I capture exclusive photos with only natural light, to fully preserve the sensations of your wedding in Tuscany.
My wedding photo shoot is done in black and white film and digital photography.

Photo wedding storytelling in Lari

Wedding photo storytelling quote

If you intend to get married in Lari and appreciate my wedding photography style; request a quote for your wedding at Sicari Castello.
By answering simple questions in a questionnaire, you will provide me with the necessary information to be able to suggest the best choice for your wedding photo service in Lari in Tuscany.

Giacomo D’Amicis Lari wedding photographer destinations, photo storytelling services for wedding through digital and analog photography in Tuscany.

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