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Florence wedding photographer

Wedding photographer Florence. Your marriage in the artistic capital of Tuscany.

Wedding photographer in Florence

I am Giacomo D’Amicis a wedding photographer in Florence, I perform photo storytelling for marry and engagement, in Florence and throughout Tuscany.

This region is special for me! Because, I live and reside in Livorno city, that is located in the center of the coast of Tuscany.

From this position, I can make photos of storytelling stories for marriages and engagements, in Florence and throughout Tuscany.

Getting married in this city is a wish for many people.

The Tuscan capital is a metropolitan city, where modernity and antiquity come together in harmony. A beauty that only the Tuscany region has managed to achieve.

If you celebrating your marriage in Florence gives unforgettable sensations. Giacomo D’Amicis – wedding photographer in Florence.

Engagement photo shoot in Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

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Photo wedding storytelling in Florence

I perform a photo wedding storytelling in Florence, because the city center is full of beautiful photographic ideas for a marriage photo shoot.

From Piazza della Signoria, in a few minutes you can reach historical places and beautiful gardens along the banks of the Arno river.

From the top of Piazzale Michelangelo, you will be able to admire from the beautiful view of Florence.

This city offers many photo storytelling possibilities for your matrimony, and the photos locations in Florence are good connected and within walking distance, because the city of Florence is an open-air museum.

Storyteller wedding photographer in Florence

Black & White wedding photo service


To know the best places, where to capture the best wedding  photos, you have to be a local.

If you are a lover of the Tuscan countryside, with its pointed cypresses like spears, on the green Tuscan hills. From the city, it is possible to reach the countryside in less than twenty minutes by car.

Normally, I shoot the marriage rites in Florence, and then I take some photos around city and finally I move to the countryside, to complete the photo marriage photoshoot. For more information about wedding services in Florence, consult the most frequently asked questions, if you prefer contact me.

Wedding photo service Florence

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I am wedding photographer in Florence

I am a wedding photographer in Florence and I have a good knowledge of this city and its countryside. I shoot both marriage, civil and religious, and I take photo digital and black & white film.

If you like my photography style and you are thinking of celebrating your marriage, or engagement in Tuscany in Florence, contact me or apply now for your matrimony.

If you will give me more information about your needs for the marriage.

I will be able to help you in the best choice for your marriage photo service in Florence.
Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller wedding photographer in Florece, for more information on the style of wedding photography, you can see my wedding portfolio.

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