Florence wedding photographer

Florence wedding photographer, storyteller and reportage photography for events such as weddings, engagements and anniversaries through visual storytelling, in Tuscany.

This region is special for me! Because, I live and reside in Livorno city, that is located in the center of the coast of Tuscany.

From this position, I can make photos of storytelling stories for marriages and engagements, in Florence and throughout Tuscany.

The Tuscan capital is a metropolitan city, where modernity and antiquity come together in harmony. A beauty that only the Tuscany region has managed to achieve.

If you celebrating your marriage in Florence gives unforgettable sensations. Giacomo D’Amicis – Florence wedding photographer.

Wedding storytelling

From the top of Piazzale Michelangelo, you will be able to admire from the beautiful view of Florence.

This city offers many storytelling possibilities for your matrimony, and the images locations in Florence are good connected and within walking distance, because the city of Florence is an open-air museum.

I love telling wedding stories through photography in Florence, because the city center is full of beautiful photographic ideas for a wedding photo shoot.

From Piazza della Signoria, in a few minutes you can reach historical places such as the Uffizzi and also splendid gardens along the banks of the Arno river.

Knowing the best wedding venues in the city, where to capture the best wedding photos, is essential for a Florence wedding photographer.

If you are a lover of the Tuscan countryside, with its cypresses pointed like spears, on the green Tuscan hills. From the city it is possible to reach the countryside in less than thirty minutes by car.

And so, the city of Florence offers so much for a wedding photographer; for any event. My service is based on visual storytelling and photo reportage, with these two elements I create visual wedding stories.
For this reason, I really appreciate the definition of wedding storyteller photographer in Florence.

Reportge photography

My reportage is aimed at both civil and religious weddings, the process consists of three phases: photographic shooting, image processing and delivery.

When I photograph a wedding, I feel like an old friend, a guest, a spectator; who uses photographic technique and good taste to document events, facts and happenings.

In my opinion, for good visual storytelling, you need excellent image capture.

Being a longtime photographer, I use my experience when acquiring images, I like the precision and the storytelling mainly happens in the moment of capturing the images, because that’s where things happen.

After all, if there are no wedding images, there won’t even be a story!

However, wedding photos and videos will then be processed and edited in color and black and white and safely transferred to my digital photo archive.

Usually the delivery takes place within a month, from the date of the wedding celebration.
The transfer takes place via the web, through a photo gallery, download minita and password on request.

Tuscany wedding photographer
Wedding Fauglia - Il Poggione - Tuscany
Florence wedding photographer
Black & white photo
Cathedral of Florence
Wedding photo shoot
Florence wedding reportage photographer
Florence storyteller phtographer
Florence old bridge
Wedding photographer Florence

Make a reservation

I really like weddings in Florence, because I’m always offered the opportunity to photograph good people in beautiful places.

Honestly, there isn’t a precise moment to make a reservation, I’m a professional and when there’s work to be done, I’m always ready to leave.
However, I would suggest making the reservation in advance, because in this way I will have the right time to organize myself and work at my best.

I remind you that my job is to create photo memories, your memories, so your memory depends on the success of the photo shoot.

As for the most common information on photographic wedding storytelling, you can consult the page (faq) relating to the most frequently asked questions.

For reservations and more specific questions, I would prefer to be contacted by message.
I will be happy to put my experience at your disposal for the memory of your special day in Tuscany, in the city of Florence.

Experience, reportage, storytelling and professionalism if you want it for your special day in Tuscany in the city of Florence.

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