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Frequently asked questions about Photo D’Amicis photoshoots

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Question you may have choosing us as your Wedding Photographers

How many photos you will give us?

The image quality is much more important than quantity. However, there are not shooting limits, normally in four hours of work, I capture 1000 shots and I deliver around 100/150 photos. However it depends on the situation, I will not leave you without photos!!

When and how, will we receive photos in digital format?

The delivery of digital photos is by agreement, however, normally delivery takes three working days, via web through web photo gallery, with exclusive access and digital download.
You will receive a private email explaining the simple procedure.

How much does the photo shoot cost?

The price of the photographic services varies, based on your requests, answer simple questions about your wedding, I will send you your personal quote as soon as possible.

When and how will we receive the photos printed in analog?

Delivery of images in analog format, of printed photos, photographic proofing and negatives.
It takes place by private agreement, through a meeting, or by post office.

We would like to buy only the digital photo service, is it possible? How can we book?

Hi, of course it’s possible! To book the photo shoot, contact me via email or call: 00393403610668.







FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

But are digital images ready to be printed?

The delivered images are edited, in color, black & white and desaturated, ready to be printed on any support.

We would like portraits in black & white film, is it possible?

Of course it is possible, contact me and tell me your needs, I will be happy to help you in choosing the best photo session for your needs!

We would like to do a black & white film session, is it possible, how much does it cost?

Hi, of course it’s possible! For more information about the price, contact me via email or call 00393403610668.

Is it true that digital images are delivered in three working days on a mobile phone?

Hi, digital photographs are delivered in three working days, via smartphone. You will have the opportunity to look at your photos, share your experiences with friends and relatives during your trip!

I booked a service for today, how should I behave in case of rain?

Hi, if the weather conditions are not good, you will be contacted in time, leave this decision to me, my main interest and create good images for you! For this I ask you to believe in my experience and in my work.

  • Wedding 85% 85%
  • Portrait 70% 70%
  • Storytelling 100% 100%

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about shooting

How much does the shot cost?

It is impossible to quote a price without knowing more about you and your desired wedding. Please contact me through my contact page or via email and include the following:

-Date -Location/Venue of wedding-Number of guests-Type/Style of wedding-

From this information I will be glad to send you a customized quote, write me here.

What style of photography do you prefer?

I prefer photographic reportage. The photographer (in my opinion) has to tell the wedding day observing it as an external spectator, curious and almost never intrusive, trying “to steal” the moments and feelings, blocking them in images. As you probably have seen in the gallery, I like sometimes to shoot some particular posed pictures that however will never require a lot of time.

Do you work alone or with an assistant?

I work both alone and with a second photographer, it depends on the event. For little events with few guests I prefer to work alone to keep the intimacy of the situation. For big events and long duration I need a second photographer: it is useful to tell what happens in the same time (the getting ready of both bride and groom) and to have two different points of view during all the moments, furthermore to be a supporter.

I know, how much in it for the shooting?

I do not have a limit on the number of photos I take. Depending on the event and what happens I usually take more or less photos. A selection of the best photos will be edited and processed to tell your wedding story. (ex. 4,000 photos taken for 12 hrs and 350/400 edited ones, 1,000 taken for 4 hours and 100/150 edited ones, etc. + all the original photos taken)


I will give you all the digital photos in high resolution JPEG and will send them via weblink or usb drive.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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