Service questions

What are the wedding venues where I perform the services?

The preferred area is the Etruscan Coast and then Tuscany. However, with prior arrangement, I am very happy to travel wherever my service is required.

How much does a wedding photo reportage cost?

The price of the wedding photojournalism varies according to your request, so there is no fixed price for a photo shoot.
You could make a request, usually it’s free to ask!

Do you also make wedding albums?

Of course yes, on request we create wedding albums for the newlyweds and relatives. It is normally printed in one month from the wedding date. Delivery takes place by post to the address you will provide.

When to book a wedding photo reportage service?

It is always possible to book a reportage wedding photo service. However, I know not to move at the last minute, because having more time allows me to better organize the wedding photo shoot.

How many photos will be delivered?

There is no fixed number of photos, the number of images varies according to what I have to document.

In what type of format will the images be delivered?

Normally the images will be delivered in jpg format, their weight varies from 15 to 30 mb and their resolution is 300 bpi.

When and how, will we receive wedding photos?

The delivery of digital photos takes place by agreement, normally delivery takes place in 10 working days, via web whit photo gallery and digital download.
You will receive a private message, where you can find the download procedure information.

Do you own a photography studio?

Honestly, I don’t have a photography studio. My business as a wedding photographer in Tuscany takes place only through the web. In addition, all the services I offer are carried out in the wedding venues, so I don’t feel the need for them. All my photos are on my personal computer!

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