Etruscan Coast wedding photographer

Etruscan Coast wedding photographer, I perform visual storytelling through the Tuscan Coast in Tuscany.

I was born and live in the city of Livorno and from this position, I am able to reach the most beautiful wedding locations along the coast and within the Tuscany region.

The most frequent wedding venues, where I carry out my wedding services, are in the towns of the Tuscan coast, such as Bolgheri, a village famous for its wine and the cypress road.

Castiglioncello, a small village famous for its villas overlooking the sea and the white beaches of the Tuscan Riviera.

And certainly where I live in the city of Livorno, with its beautiful Mascagni terrace and splendid seafront.

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding day or engagement on the coast, you can contact me.
So I can help you in the best choice for your wedding on the Tuscan coast.

Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller wedding photographer in Tuscany.

About service

The visual storytelling service is created with digital photography and monochrome film.
I like digital photography because it offers the possibility to share images on the web with family and friends.
But it is impossible to forget the beautiful black & white print with silver salts.

So I like to photograph in both styles, in digital and analog photography, to create unique wedding memories.

Art, professionalism, experience and timing at your disposal for a memorable day!

Taking a picture is easy, but images are different when the camera is in the hands of a professional; quality is essential.

Visual wedding stories are not created in one click!

If you like my wedding style photography, you can find more photos and more information in my wedding portfolio.

Marriage storyteller photographer

I love taking pictures with ambient light, in the Etruscan Coast especially at sunset with perfect light.
Because I know the best places to create beautiful wedding stories on the Tuscan coast.
My photographic style is based on storytelling through images and
I appreciate the idea, of being a wedding storyteller.

Because in this way the memories take on a deep meaning.

When I capture images, I am simply a spectator of a succession of emotions and colors.
For me, reportage photography represents all of this, documenting an event through images.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more, as I have already mentioned my service is all over Tuscany, but my favorite destinations are the Etruscan Coast.

Etruscan Coast wedding photographer
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