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Editing & retouching wedding photo

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About editing & retouching wedding photo

Editing & retouching wedding photo: I’m a lucky photographer, my photographic training developed in Rome at the Roman School of Photography.

At that time digital photography had not yet established itself, so I photographed with films for many years!

I’m not a big fan of photo editing programs, my photos are not overloaded with digital effects.

The value of an image is born when it is created and not when it is adjusted!

My post-production is very light, because the images must remain faithful to the photographed reality.
In this way I create photo stories, a true storytelling of your wedding or special event!

I prefer to not apply any post-production effect in my work.

Original before photo editing

After the


Black & white film photo editing

Photo editing in analogue black and white photography is a manual action, when we talk about nalogical photography all the photographer’s work is done manually.

Depending on how the negative photo is developed, various contrasts and different shades of gray are obtained.

Even the printing process is a physical action that requires experience, and particular photo skills.

When printing in black and white, masking is done, this type of photo retouching requires skill and is not exactly reproducible on today’s single handmade photo print.

The photo retouching in analog film is a unique manual procedure, and not a numerical calculation, which can always be exactly reproduced in all its details.

This makes my black and white photography unique and therefore a work of art.

The negative photo development

Film printing contact sheets


Photo shooting


Photo editing


Photo retouching

Good photographer or photo retouching

Digital photo retouching and post-production are an added value, the real job of a photographer is, to create images that convey senselessness, to convey emotions to the spectators.


Reply to simple questions

Post-production: by answering simple questions, I could make for you a photo quote tailored to your special day.
I will reply as soon as possible!

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