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Freequently Asked Questions

How and when will the images be delivered?

The images will be delivered in three working days, through a photo gallery with private access. From this gallery it will be possible to download high resolution photos.

Is it possible to cancel the photo shoot?

The photo shoot can be canceled 24 hours after the online purchase.

What is the best time of year to do a photo shoot?

The best time to treat yourself to a photo shoot in Monteriggioni is certainly in autumn (September, October), spring (April, May and June) and in summer (June, July and August). The best time is sunset!

How long before do I have to book the photo shoot?

For organizational reasons and to guarantee the best possible service, the sooner you book, the better for everyone! However, it definitely works well one day before the service date.

How many photos and in what format will receive the pictures?

There are no limits to images, however, I guarantee delivery of 80-120 frames, ready to be printed.