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Chianti wedding photographer

Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller wedding photographer on Chianti in Tuscany

Wedding photographer in Chianti

Chianti wedding photographer: I make a marriage photo service in Chianti. It’s a very ancient territory in the heart of Tuscany, very famous for its winemaking tradition, which today also represents its great prestige in the Tuscany!

The Chianti area is the meeting point between the urban and rural world, its appearance has been changed for five centuries by sharecropping by landlords and ecclesiastics.

Its landscape is a wonderful example of agricultural exploitation, mainly mountainous, with the sides of the hills covered by vineyards, which are contrasted by large forests of oak, chestnut and holm trees.


Rich in castles, villas, abadias, farms and farmhouses, located on top of the hills.
Many of these buildings have now been converted into prestigious hotels, or agritourism and food and wine companies.
They are perfect places to celebrate your Chianti wedding destinations in Tuscany.

I am Giacomo D’Amicis: Chianti wedding photographer in Tuscany.

Book now your photo wedding service in Chianti, answer simple questions about your wedding in Chianti.

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Destinations wedding photographer in Chianti

I made storytelling photos for wedding destinations in Chianti, my photo services are in natural and spontaneous style, made outdoors in pure natural light.
The wedding services photos are normally made in farmhouses, villas or agri-tourism houses.

The ceremony is almost always celebrated outdoors or in small abbeys.
The most famous wedding destinations in Chianti are San Gimignano and Monteriggioni.

They are places where there is only one to choose for a wedding service, the sunset over the countryside is the best time for me to take photography.

Other very beautiful wedding destinations near Siena are Radda in Chianti, Castellina in Cianti, Castenuovo Bararadenga.

Wedding photo storyteller in Tuscany

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Near Florence we find, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Greve in Chianti and Barberno Valdelsa.

However, Chianti is that part of the territory of Tuscany, which goes from the south of  Florence to the northern part of Siena.
They are places of unique beauty where I always create splendid wedding photo shoots.

I am Giacomo D’Amicis wedding photographer in Chianti, I perform wedding stories in digital photography and in black and white photo film.

On request, I can move to any other wedding destination in Chianti, contact me! I’ll be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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