Castiglioncello wedding story

Castiglioncello wedding story

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Castiglioncello wedding destination photographer

Tuscan Coast storyteller wedding photographer

Castiglioncello wedding photographer, I was born and live in Tuscany in the city of Livorno on the coast, in that part of the territory called the Etruscan Coast.
My photographic reportage style is very lively, but also precise and reliable.
Because I specialize in describing events such as: receptions, weddings, anniversaries through photographs.

I capture wedding story photos mainly on the coast of Tuscany, but also in inland cities such as Florence, Lucca, Siena and Pisa.
The city of Livorno is geographically well positioned, so I can reach the main wedding locations with just a few hours by car.

I have been a wedding photographer for over twenty years, my service is a combination of art and photographic reportage.

The idea of being considered a storyteller fascinates me, because in this way photography acquires a new meaning.

I love to tell wedding stories because I get to photograph beautiful people in beautiful places.

So, getting to know new cultures and acquiring new skills, to improve myself as a photographer but also as a person.

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