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Giacomo D'Amicis: wedding photographer Castiglioncello. Your marriage in Pasquini Castle on the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany
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Wedding photographer in Castiglioncello

Giacomo D’Amicis: Castiglioncello wedding photographer, I live in Livorno city and performing wedding storytelling photography on Etruscan Coast.

If you want celebrate your marriage on the Etruscan Coast,¬† Castiglioncello, It’s best wedding location with Pasquini Castello, situated in the center of the village;¬† very close to Querceto Bey.

In Querceto Bay there’s a nice sunset on the bitches and amazing place for a wedding photo service.

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Wedding photo shoot in Castello Pasquini

I love to shoot wedding photo in Castiglioncello, I think that “Castello Pasquini” is a beautiful location for wedding ceremony.

Because, it’s a lovely castel whit a garden and a nice street in the middle of the three; everything wey close to the seafront!

Between the castle and the Bay of Querceto, there are only a few minutes walk, it’s nice!¬†Celebrate a wedding¬†ceremony in the Pasquini Castel and, the wedding photo service on the beach.

If you want to see more photos about my wedding photography, watch my photo portfolio!

Wedding photographer Castiglioncello

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I perform tow different wedding photo photo services: in analog by black & white photo film, or in digital photography.

It’s possible to make a combination about photo film and digital photography.

Giacomo D’Amicis: wedding photographer realize a wedding photo shoot in Etruscan Coast.

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