The charm of black & white photo for marriage in Tuscany

Black&White wedding photographer

Giacomo D’Amicis – black and white wedding photographer in Tuscany.
I perform photographic services in black and white film and digital photography.
With photo film I create artistic marriage images in black & white, the whole process is done manually.
With digital photography, the process of creating wedding images is done through technology.

Both wedding photography services (analog and digital) are customized according to the requests of the spouses.
If you like my photographic proposal and my monochrome style photography, contact me.
So I can help you customize the wedding photography service for your marriage.

Handmade prints in black & white

The printed images are entirely handmade, with silver salts on opaque or glossy baryta paper. It is a prestigious gift, suitable for your marriage or the day of your engagement.

I carry out the photographic development of the photo film, and take care of the printing of the photos, in all details.

They are prints that acquire value over time, it is a prestigious gift for lovers of beautiful photos.

The print formats in which the images are available are:

Small format 6 ” x 4″ is the perfect format to represent a photo stor; it’s very practical and the photos are not bulky.

Medium format 6 ” x 8″ is an adequate size for an album or an image to be framed in a photo holder for desks; this format is also recommended for a photo story.

Large format 10″ x 77″ or 16 “x 12” are the right formats to create a portrait photo to put in a frame, suitable for hanging on a living room wall.

For any questions contact me, I’ll be happy to answer as soon as possible!

Giacomo D’Amicis: storyteller wedding fil photographer in Tuscany.

How much does the marriage photo cost?

For wedding photo shoots, there are no fixed prices, each mrriage story has its own demands.

So to know the price, it is necessary to inquire, if you book a service, I will be able to help you in the best choice for your wedding memories. Getting information costs nothing!

For more information, you can consult the (FAQ) page dedicated to the most common questions, or take a look at my wedding portfolio.

Giacomo D’Amicis balck and white wedding photographer

Storyteller photographer
Pisa wedding photographer
Giacomo D'Amcis storyteller
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Storyteller wedding photographer
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I contacted Giacomo for the photo shoot of my matrimony, being an enthusiast of photography I made an unusual request: that the post ceremony service was performed in an analogical way.

After seeing the specimens, I gave the photographer a free hand for printing photos, obviously with an “antique” printing method.

I withdrew the work and I was thrilled with the result: splendid, unique photos, with the perfection given by the imperfection of analogue photography.

The ceremony was taken digitally, the photos cleaned and processed I received them via app and download after 3 days. Fair prices that can be agreed upon according to your requests.

I highly recommend this Professional to anyone who is passionate or not.

Digital is definitely in everyone’s hands, but analogue photography is no more than many.

Giacomo D’Amicis is an authentic black and white Tuscany wedding photographer

Silvia Fancello

Giacomo D’Amicis is professional black and white wedding photographer with a very interesting portfolio.

He has a natural talent for portrait photography and a lot of know-how in shooting and post-production.

I’ve known Giacomo since a long time and he did several photoshoots for me, for both private and business use.

He took many photos of my kids and pics look extremely good! I recently hired him for shooting a house i wanted to rent out. He did an excellent job using advanced interior shooting techniques.

He sent me a beautiful collection of web-ready pics that are working really fine online. I’m receiving positive feedbacks!

Nice, friendly person, he always combines professionality and fun when working. Highly recommended for marriage, events, portraits, interiors and commercial photos!

Andrea Pardi

“I relied on Giacomo D’Amicis, an excellent black and white wedding photographer for our marrige in Tuscany, and I was definitely enthusiastic: ability to capture the right moment in the shot but also to sense the most appropriate location to make the photo shoot unique and of the highest quality.

Shooting after shot has demonstrated qualities of passion, enthusiasm in the illustrated the qualitatively optimal project and a high-level realization capacity.

David R

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