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Black & white film photo shoot

The charm of black & white photo film is still the best! Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller photographer in Tuscany

Photo service in black & white film 

The black and white photo shoot is a for lovers of photo film, I’m black & white photo film photographer for wedding, engagement and portrait in Tuscany !

They are black and white photo prints, suitable for those couples of future spouses who want to have artistic images of great artistic value.

Contact sheets will be delivered, so you can choose the photos you want to print!

The development of the photo negative and the printing are handmade.

This photo service is normally required for those who want to have prestigious photos memories.

The photo prints are excellent the printing process is silver salts, guarantees a long life and acquires value over time.

Giacomo D’Amicis storyteller black & white wedding photgrapher based in Tuscany.

Handmade black and white photo prints

The black and white photo prints are made with a manual process, the silver salts print on opaque or glossy baryta paper.

It guarantees a long life and gains value over time, the photo prints are unique and limited edition, true artistic photos!

The images created are particularly suitable, for a precious marriage or engagement memory, for particular event to remember.

The photos print are of higher quality than any digital print!

They have a fantastic color rendering of light shades, with a vintage charm, which cannot be obtained with digital photographic support.

The printing process is carried out thanks to the good management of the photo taken, the good chemistry of the development of the negative photo and the printing ability of those who make the images on the photographic paper.

It is a manual process that can be done only with specific photographic skills, related to black and white photo film.


Photo prints size

The photo formats available for black and white prints are:

Small photo size: 7 x 9.5 in (18 x 24 cm).

Medium format photo  size: 9.5 x 14 in (24 x 36 cm).

 Large photo size: 11.5 x 15.5 in (30 x 40 cm).

How to book a balck & white photo service

  • Contact me to check the availability of the date you would like to do the photoshoot.
  • I will make a quote adapted to suit your needs.
  • I only accept payments by PayPal.
  • The service can be canceled with a full refund within 24 hours of the bank transfer.

Black & white photo storytelling

I’m a Tuscan photographer specialized in black and white photo storytelling for wedding, engagement and portrait.

At the Roman School of Photography I studied a one-year photographic course on the Reflex camera.

This photo shoot, I recommend it to married couples,


The photos are printed for customers, who want a highly prestigious print, which tells about their wedding or engagement.

Through contact sheets I can help you in choosing the best images to print.

Photo service request

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