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Giacomo D'Amicis photographer - About Me

Photo D’Amicis  – About Me

About Me: I’m a Tuscan photographer, I live on the Etruscan Coast, in the city of Livorno.
Photographer since 2002, I carry out professional photographic services, mainly for marriage, engagement and portrait. I’m a traditionalist, I still fascinated by photographic film, especially the black & white, I’m really fascinated by it!

For this reason, when I work in photo film, I control the entire web of creation, shooting, development and printing. Digital photography exploits the speed of delivery, quality and cleanliness.
About me and my vision: when I photograph my goal and document and tell what happens with images. Telling stories with photography! I create images with a natural and spontaneous charm, my style is a mix of reportage, portrait and candid photo.

About me Today

So today I perform photographic reportage for weddings and related social events, such as engagement, family photos throughout Central Italy.

My favorite area is clearly the Tuscany where I live, in this region I work a lot in the Val d’Orcia and in the Etruscan Coast.

I also love working on Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, a lovely place.
The Piceno and the Conero Riviera, and the beautiful rolling hills of the Marche countryside.

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Giacomo D’Amicis’ photography skills

About my Experience

I do photography for several years, I’m specialized in wedding and portrait photography. I have good experience in the field, I can manage people and situations in the best way.

Easy communication

I am very sociable and empathetic, very respectful of the people around me when I work. I speak Spanish and English fluently and correctly. Quick response to your requests, over the phone or if you prefer by email.


Black & white film specialist

I carry out the shooting, the development of the negative and the print manually, of the entire cycle of the black & white film.
The images created gain value over time and enjoy a unique charm.

About me: Portrait photo

I’m a big fan of portraits, it’s the type of photographic style I love the most.
When I take photographs I like to put the subject in comfort, and create a good atmosphere.
Surely the portraits will not be missing!

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