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Italian wedding storyteller photographer based in Tuscany in the city of Livorno on Etruscan Coast. I like the idea of visual storytelling, so photography takes on a deep meaning.

Photographer storyteller for Tuscany wedding destinations.

My name is Giacomo D’Amicis and my profession is to tell stories through photo. That is, I am a photographer!
The style that represents me the most is that of reportage: my goal is to tell about weddings in Tuscany in a sincere and honest way, as storytelling is a mean not the goal.

That is the reason why I love matrimony, anniversaries, engagements or important events; because they offer me the opportunity to capture photo of beautiful people, on a special day and in wonderful places.

So my service is a combination of art, reportage and marriage visual stories; this is the best definition for my service.
That is the reason why I consider myself both a storyteller, and a photographer.







Storyteller or photographer

As mentioned, I use photography as a medium to tell marriages, capturing images to shape visual stories.

For this reason I consider myself not just a photographer, but a wedding storyteller!

By using photography in this way, the images acquire great meaning, thus creating the most beautiful and important marriage memories.

Finally, the result is what really matters:ย  to leave you speechless.

What I find to be really exciting about taking pictures at weddings in Tuscany, is the possibility to tell stories of people coming from all over the world. Why?

First, because I’m a reportage photographer and secondly, because it’s fascinating to learn about other cultures.

Last but not least, because knowing people from elsewhere made me improve not just my photography skills but also my fluency in speaking English and Spanish languages that I have learned when I used to work in Uk and Mexico.

Tuscany wedding photographer

“Giacomo D’Amicis proved to be very professional and extremely helpful right from the first contacts.

We had chosen him because by visiting his website we had appreciated the style and originality of his marriage images.
He interpreted our requests and created a photo service that lived up to our expectations.

With his photo reportage he captured the most significant moments of the wedding ceremony and reception. Without being intrusive, and the result was fully satisfactory for us despite the weather.

Very fast service, we were able to preview the work two days after the marrige ceremony.

Highly recommended!”

Monica Bolognesi

Livorno wedding reportage photographer

โ€œExpert photographer, excellent delivery of images by web.

He gave us the chance to see our pictures on smartphones and tablets, so that we can see photos of our wedding everywhere.

Even the web printing service is very efficient, both in quality and delivery.

Besides being a professional, he is also a friendly and unobtrusive person.โ€

Lucia Artico

Tuscany marriage black & white photographer in

“My wife and I are passionate about black and white photography, especially photographic film and old monochrome art prints.
Thus, for our wedding day in Pisa, we chose to create the wedding photo shoot in film and digital photography.

The result was greatly appreciated by us and by our whole family, because today we can relive our special day through digital images and beautiful black and white analogue prints.

D’Amicis is a professional wedding photographer, with an original photographic style, a natural talent for portraiture and creative storytelling through images.
Today, thanks to Giacomo D’Amicis, looking at our marriage photos, we can relive the sensations of our special day”.

Silvio Fancello

Request a wedding photo service

If you are still here reading these lines, it means that you have appreciated my words. Thank you very much!

So, I guess there is only one more step to get to know each other: if you are interested in my service for your matrimony (or anything else) this is my contact.

Describe your needs, so I will try to suggest to you the most suitable solution for your marriage story in Tuscany.

You will receive an answer within 24 hours from your request.

If you are looking for more information about my service; I suggest you to consult the FAQ page.

Photographer storyteller for Tuscany wedding destinations.

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